Candy Crush Saga Cheats and Hack- Free Lives, Extra Moves and Lollipops

Candy Crush Saga Cheats

Welcome to my page about Candy Crush Saga Cheats . Here you will find the result of my long search for a Candy Crush Saga Hack and it will also save you a lot of your precious time!

I will first explain some of the newcomers’ game before I explain the Candy Crush Cheat below .

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that is playable online, both on the PC and on your mobile device. In this game, each level consists of a game board filled with sweets. By vertically and horizontally shifting the candies, the player tries to collect 3 or more identical sweets. Depending on the level, the player also has the task to solve the respective level in a specific, predetermined time and with a certain number of steps. There are also different obstacles, depending on the level, which is to deal with. In order to facilitate the player’s level, certain boosters can be purchased or purchased.

Use Candy Crush Saga Hack

The player begins with 5 game life and when he is unable to complete a level, he loses 1 life each. If a player has no more life, he can either ask his friends to send him life or buy new life for money.

How annoying it may be, if one wants to continue the game, but has no more life. Exactly for this I have found a solution through long research, as many sides unfortunately are fake and you up to some tips not really help.

On this page you could soon find the solution to this problem.

The CandyCrush saga cheat you find here is very easy to understand and you should get the life within 2-3 hours. So that you will not be banned, you should always free up only 99 lives and no more.

As you can see below, it is even possible to unlock boosters, lollipops and extra moves!

Here is a small proof of life after the cheat has been applied:

You can have it!

Use Candy Crush Saga Hack

You will not be tormented. Here is your salvation!

How Candy Crush Saga Cheats and Hack works:

You need to click on the button, just enter how many lives, lollipops and extra moves you want and then specify your e-mail address, then you should be able to get the life on your account. To get the life, just click on one of the links there and enter your handynummer, so you get the confirmation code, which you then have to enter on the page. It is important, however, that you send a “STOP” to the number from which you received the code, otherwise you will have to pay your money. Of course, everything will remain free of charge. After you have finished a survey of your choice, you can log back into your account to see how many lives you have now.

But do not forget to write “STOP” and send it to the number from which you received the confirmation code. When that is done, everything remains free. Then you should keep your lives within 2-3 hours. The whole can be repeated as often as is already mentioned, as one can only generate lives every hour and therefore one is not banned for it. But keep in mind that no more than 99 lives at once, so that your account is really not blocked.

After pressing the button, you can enter how many lives, lollipops and extramoves you want to have.

Use Candy Crush Saga Hack

You can do it as often as you like, it can be, it has happened to me that it does not work from time to time. So you can write in the comments, if you should have problems. And do not think about generating too many lives, otherwise the probability that your account will be blocked is very high. In the peace here is really the strength. I hope I could help you through my research and you can now play unlimited.

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